Inevitable growth based on community, economics, and math. No Pumps, Dumps, or Whales.  

We have created an algorithmically profitable, mathematically calculated system that allows you to receive a high income with minimal risk for the investor. In a growing market the profit exceeds 120-2023% per annum. If the market is flat or falling, the profit stabilizes around 40-140% due to the wave movement of the crypto market.
And as a bonus, you get weekly airdrops from our partners.
Isn't that awesome?

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EQ token

Max Supply: 10,000,000 EQs
Contract: 0x6f1a9a6de6a1980498905b5d5393b28f854cb1f2

What the EQ token is for? 

  • Airdrops. Every week get airdrops from partner projects participating in our ecosystem. 
  • Staking. Stake into various pools to earn interests with preferred APR 
  • Collateral .  As collateral for crypto loans (coming up)
  • Protocol fees.  Pay fees for operations such as entering/exiting the autovaults, reallocation, rebalancing and other activities. And replacing partner blockchain transaction fees.

The next airdrop is coming soon

Airdrops for each EQ holder

Each EQ holder will receive an airdrop proportional to the number of his EQs in his wallet

Airdrop 5
ratio 1 EQ : 0.3 DODO (coming up) 


Airdrop 4
ratio 1 EQ : 0.5 TLOS (finished)

Airdrop 3
ratio 1 EQ : 0.04 BANANA (finished)

Airdrop 2
ratio 1 EQ : 0.05 BAKE (finished)

Airdrop 1
ratio 1 EQ : 0.004 CAKE (finished)








TVL:  $





Stable growth

The mathematical model of project tokenomics guarantees a stable growth of the price of the token and the entire project over the life of the project.  

Dumps protection

Fair distribution of tokens, no private selling. The vaults protocol algorithm automatically balances liquidity in a growing or falling market. It allows to maximize profits and minimize losses. 


We have an open smartcontract, our project is open-source, it is available to everyone on github. The audit of smartcontracts will be finished as soon as autovaults are launched


There are plans to develop the ecosystem and introduce new features. The team is interested in the development of the project as much as the community. Since the team's tokens are locked for 2 years, this is an additional motivation to develop the project, so that the value of tokens will grow as high as possible.


No private sales or presales. No early investors. Everything is open and transparent. The community controls the development of the project, adding new features or changing the properties of the protocol.

Deflationary without burning

The number of tokens is limited by the smart contract. There are only 10,000,000 EQ tokens. As the project evolves and new features and partners are added, the value of the token will grow due to the increased demand for the token. No slippages

Equitify Airdrops FAQ`s

Growth of the community and the amount of partners, unique functionality of the project.
Deflationary model is embedded in the tokenomics of the project. The number of tokens is limited.
Tokens have a huge usage in the ecosystem and with the development of the project there will be a shortage of tokens, which will contribute to an increase in the price.  

Yes, the first round has a limit of 10,000 EQ per address. This is designed to avoid the accumulation of a large number of tokens in one hand and protect the project from whales.

You need to be EQ token holder. 
Airdrops are automatic and come immediately to your wallet. 

Yes, of course. When you add your EQs to Staking, you get a special EQauto token. It automatically puts you on the airdrop list.

These tokens are provided by partners. Some of the tokens are used to create the Liquidity Pool. And some of them are used as airdrops.

No, no such airdrop was included in our tokenomics.